Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I have just been all over the place lately. I have so much to do and not enough time to do it! Tuesday's and Thursday's for me are especially busy. Today I have my classes all morning/afternoon then I go straight to teach my fitness class. I really don't get to sit down and relax until about 9:00! Although, I really like the feeling of being productive. For some reason it just makes me really happy =).
This morning I woke up right at 6:00 a.m. I ate a big bowl of overnight maple and vanilla oats, which are my new obsession. I won't be able to eat again until about 1:30 so I had two servings, which made this bowl GIGUNDO. It keeps me full for hourssss (and I mean HOURS).
For lunch today, which has to be QUICK I am having a salad with Trader Joe's chicken/salsa, which I am pairing with Trader Joe's sweet potato fries (there just sweet potatoes cut up with no seasonings) and carrots and hummus. Trader Joe's is seriously the best store on the planet, I just don't understand how everything could be so cheap yet all natural?!
I am planning on running 3 miles today after my fitness class. Since I've started this blog I am finding that I am more motivated than ever to not only exercise, but practice balance. I have been an athlete all my life, so exercise and staying active is just a part of my lifestyle. However, I tend to overdo it lots of times, burn myself out, and then not do anything for 2 days. During these 1-2 days it is always hard for me to lose the "all or nothing mentality" which makes me overeat. I guess I just feel bad that I'm not exercising and I figure might as well take the whole day off (being healthy). In the past this has really made me frustrated with myself. For the first time, I take days off. I have started listening to my body and I am starting to realize that its okay not to exercise, which has made me ALOT less anxious.
This anxiety is what leads me to overeat in the first place. I've started to learn that I don't even need to have that anxiety in the first place and there are other ways to deal with it, such as going out with friends or watching my favorite t.v. shows, which tonight will be THE BIGGEST LOSER. WOOT WOOT! Off to teach my fitness class. Have a great afternoon everyone! =)
Do you ever have exercise guilt?
What do YOU tell yourself to overcome this? Do you tend to overeat on days you don't exercise?


  1. I always feel guilty when I don't excercise. I think I have an addictive personality. Once I start something I run with it obsessively. Ultimately I just tell myself that tommorrow is another day...

    I love your blog Lisa!!!

  2. Thank you so much for the lovely comment you left on my blog :)
    I totally know about the "all or nothing" mentality, it took some time but I feel like I've finally overcome it. I'm off to eat dinner, Byebye!

  3. Don't feel too guilty when you don't exercise! I sometimes feel that way too, but it usually ends up being a bad thing. Just start over and think of every day as a brand new start. That's my attitude and it definitely helps a lot.

    I actually find the Biggest Loser to be incredibly motivating too! If they can do all these tough workouts, I can too :)

  4. HOORAY for balance!! I too am working on that and trying to get rid of my "all or nothing" mentality. Soo much research says things like even 10 minutes of exercise is beneficial! I often feel guilty on "off" days, which is silly because everyone needs to rest. And it makes our next workouts soo much better!