Thursday, December 9, 2010

WHIP your haiirrrrr!

If I could attach music to this post, "Whip your hair" would be please play this while you read...

I'm on a beauty kick right now. I am obsessed with natural products to boost my beauty! I figured today I would do a post about hair, since I've already done many about face products!

My hair? I have enough for 4 people.

Again, the power of your diet in maintaining shine and body in your hair is so important. The best foods for your hair?

        1. Healthy Fats (olive oil, fish oil, hemp see oil, flax oil, avocado)
        2. Dark Leafy Greens (vitamins A & C: natural hair conditioner)
        3. Beans: provide your hair with zinc, iron, and biotin (promotes hair growth)
        4. Nuts (selenium: healthy scalp)
        5. Poultry (protein: strong healthy strands)
        6. Eggs (Vitamin B-12: important beauty ingredient)
        7. Carrots (Vitamin A: healthy scalp)

This time of year, I need any motivation I can get to eat healthy. Its hard to pass up cake and pies, so knowing that eating healthy is just going to make me more beautiful, is GREAT MOTIVATION in my opinion.

An at home hair mask:
Option 1:
1/2 cup honey
3 tbsp olive oil
Coat onto hair. Leave on for 30 minutes and cover hair with shower cap. Shampoo and rinse well.

Option 2:
Beat 1 egg white until foamy. Add 6 tbsp yogurt. Apply to hair in small sections. Leave in hair for 15 min. Rinse well.

What are your favorite hair products?
Do you have any homemadede beauty recipes for your hair?


  1. I am excited to try that first hair mask! I love using Aveda and Alba products because both are natural and smell great!

  2. Great recipes! I've tried a lot of homemade face/hair masks. The worst was mayonnaise- horrible smell that doesn't wash out :( Vinegar is great to remove residue that makes your hair dull!

  3. I heard that egg is good for your hair, although I have never tried it. I don't really like the thought of cracking an egg on my hair!

  4. You could be a Herbal Essences chick. LOL

    Your hair is insanely gorgeous. As are you. :)

  5. Love it! I need a serious hair mask over here. I have really thin hair so it gets dried out easily. Will def be using these masks this winter to help my hair out!

  6. Gorgeous hair girl!!!! Looove it! Mine is getting so dry, just like my skin :( I'll have to try one of these masks!!!

  7. OHHHHH MY GOSH! your hair is BEAUTIFUL!! I love the whip my hair song :)

  8. I'm having some hair envy over here girl! ;)

    I love Macadamia Nut Oil for my hair. I put it in after every wash and it leaves my hair silky, but without any grease!