Friday, December 10, 2010

Excuses, Excuses!

I love decadent treats that are healthy. I use this excuse to eat chocolate chips. Hey, there's antioxidants! So, how do I determine what foods make the cut? Well, they have to have under 200 calories, they have to have some staying power, and have to have at least one benefit in terms of health (digestive, beauty, skin, physical health).

I recently discovered attune bars and these things are phenomenal. They come in blueberry vanilla, dark chocolate, mint chocolate, almond milk chocolate, raspberry dark chocolate, and coffee bean dark chocolate. My personal fave is blueberry vanilla. The thing about these bars though is that they really are good for you and you do not need ANY EXCUSE to eat them. Why? Because they're packed with probiotics and fiber (3 grams), which are essential to maintaining good digestive health. This time of year, that's hard to beat especially with overeating and indulging every day holidays. Did I mention they're only about 90 calories!

If that's not enough of an excuse to eat chocolate, check out the benefits:
1. Lowers blood pressure
2. Lowers cholesterol
3. Increases serotonin (mood booster!)
4. Antioxidants: help your skin

What healthy treats do you enjoy?
Have you tried attune bars?


  1. Ive never had these, but now I NEED to find them!! The flavors sound INCREDIBLE! And they also sound to be pretty healthy and beneficial for our bodies!! Tasty AND healthy? Count me in!!

  2. I feel like I'm the ONLY one in bloggieland who hasn't tried these! They sound amazing!

  3. I've never tried the Attune bars but I really want to! If only they would come to Canada.. *sigh*

  4. I feel the same way about snacks--I don't think they are worth eating if they don't stay with you for a reasonable period of time!!
    And yes, I tried Attune bars this past August at the Healthy Living Summit--sooo delish! I still have a few I am hoarding haha.

  5. Dang, NICE! I haven't tried these, but now I really want to! Where do you buy them? I haven't seen them at Publix (where I do most of my grocery shopping)

  6. I've had these and think they are quite tasty, particularly the blueberry vanilla -- so unique and satisfies the sweet tooth!

  7. I've seen Attune bars on some other blogs, but haven't actually found them yet... Sounds delish, though! I usually go for wholesome, homemade treats that I can control the ingredients in.