Friday, December 3, 2010

December Goals

I feel like I've been disappearing lately, so I wanted to do a quick post!

Its hard to believe its December ALREADY. I feel like it was the summer like an hour ago haha.  I wanted to do a post about my goals for this month. I did one for October or November, but I was not too successful. With the new years coming though, I want to look and feel really good, so I am making it my top priority to reach my goals this month. I am determined!

2. Eat more vegetables
3. Lose 5 pounds by Christmas
4. Don't binge! (This is my number one goal.)
5. TREAT MYSELF WELL (a post about this soon!)

Are you setting goals for December?


  1. Great goals. I would really like to drink more water and green juices!! I need to crank up those good vitamins since the cold weather is coming!! Dont binge is also a huge one, especially with the holidays and all the goodies. Its so hard for me to turn down sees candy!!

  2. I like the goals! Don't feel bad about disappearing lately, I think a lot of people have, it is the holidays, you need to give yourself a break! : )

  3. I like #5 :) I think #4 is my goal as well! I need to remember that just because it's Christmas doesn't mean it'll be my last chance ever to eat treats!

  4. These sound like great goals Lisa! Good luck with them!

  5. I haven't made any goals yet but if I did they would look eerily similar to yours except for me it would probably be a green smoothie instead of a green juice.

    Good luck! :)

  6. Sounds like a good plan to me! I have 3 goals all year long actually--live for the moment, be happy, stay healthy :-)

  7. I'm with you...I'd like to lose 5lb by Xmas so I can indulge more..mwuahahaha

  8. Lisa, you are my little soul sista. Same food issues, same goals. The more I try to diet, the more I gain. The more I gain, the more I want to binge. I would love to stop this crazy cycle!!