Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Muffin, minus the MUFFIN TOP.

Recently I was told that I am no longer allergic to wheat, which was the best news I could ever hear. I was sick of giving up all my favorite treats, one of them being Vita muffins. I recently began my love affair with these tasty treats again. Its been a while, so I've definitely been making up for lost time.

Vitalicious was KIND enough to send me a bunch of their delicious treats. I received a huge box today and this was the PERFECT belated birthday gift. I admit when I received the box I threw them all up in the air, as if it money and I am not embarrassed at all to admit that. They come in a bunch of different flavors including cranberry bran, corn muffin (my fav!), double chocolate (YUM), deep chocolate (YUMM), raisin bran, mint chocolate (YUMMM), fudgy peanut butter chip (OMG.). Each is packed with at least 5 grams of fiber, although most are packed with 8 or 9! Tasty and healthy? That's a hard combo to beat.

And  besides, I'd rather eat a muffin that WILL NOT give me a muffin top.

Say NO ladies.

Say YES.

Here are some wonderful ways to use your vita muffins!
Whoopie pies
Yogurt Parfaits
Icecream sandwich


  1. I LOVE VITATOPS!!! I have a deep chocolate one in my purse right now, which I will be consuming on my layover at the airport ;) Ahhh they're SO good :)

  2. I've never heard of these, but I would love to try them. Muffin without the muffin top = no brainer!!!

  3. i've never had a vitamuffin! need to get on that!

  4. I've never had a vita top but they sure look yummy!

  5. I wish I didn't have Celiac - either that or they need to make some gluten free Vita's! YUM!

  6. Just tried them for the first time..my grocers don't seem to carry them. I loved 'em!

  7. Is that picture of the lady with a muffin top actually real??? I never understood how people can wear pants that tight, it seems like it would be so uncomfortable and hard to move!

    Someone needs to invent vegan vita tops asap because I would devour them in an instant.

  8. I love VitaMuffins as well, and the corn muffins are by far my favorite, with a little dab of PB on top--heaven! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your fam!

  9. I've never had a VitaMuffin before, but those look fantastic. And I'll eat anything that will help me to say no to the dreaded muffin top. We don't love that.

    Happy belated birthday, lady!

  10. What's the difference between double chocolate and deep chocolate? Both sound amazing regardless.

  11. Love love love vitamuffins. I have one left in the freezer that I have been hoarding. LOL

  12. just tried the chocolate...heaven , sugar free and only 90 cals! hard to believe and all natural too...whaaaaatttt!!!!!!!!!