Sunday, November 21, 2010

Its my BIRTHDAY and I'll cry if I want to...

That's right. Right now, its officially my birthday. I am 22 today! It's also Meg's so wish her a HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOO!! Usually people are a fan of birthday's, but I am NOT one of them. I hate getting old. In fact, this feeling has always been a part of me on EVERY BIRTHDAY. From age 3 and on, I would cry on every birthday. I hated being sung too. I remember having birthday parties where my mom would have my friends MOUTH the song happy birthday, otherwise I would cry... PATHETIC? I know. What's more pathetic and kinda weird? I started using wrinkle creams at age 16. I figure starting that young would save me money from getting botox.

The only part I like about birthdays obviously is cake. That and presents (number one on that list? obviously face and beauty products!)

Might as well share with you my favorite wrinkle creams. Is it just me, or is this a weird post on someone's birthday?

Juice Beauty Organics (Find this kit at sephora!) It's absolutely amazing

Garnier Nutrisse


Mark face products (I strongly recommend this stuff)

Okay, I totally hope I did not freak anyone out by this post. I am not weird I promise! Have a wonderful weekend everyone! =)


  1. Happy birthday!!! You'll have to update your "about me" now that you're 22 :) I just turned 22 over the summer! Also, I've been wanting to try some of those "Mark" face products, but I haven't ordered any yet. Are there any in particular you recommend?

  2. Happy birthday :) I hope you have fun celebrating!

  3. Happy happy happy birthday--hope you have a fabulous day and don't worry that your getting can always stay young at heart! :-)

  4. Girl you and I are totally the same. When I turned 10 I cried at my party because I was afraid of getting old and dying lol My bday to me is just another day. And since mine is on Valentines Day, I always try and make sure that Valentines Day is more important. Like I have to buy things for my hubby since its a day for him too. It drives him crazy lol

  5. Happy birthday!! That birthday cake picture is pretty frickin cool.

  6. Happy Birthday! And I use creams too hehe. Forever young!

  7. Happy Birthday!!!! Hope you fully enjoy worries of wrinkle creams necessary. ;)

  8. Ahhh thanks for the shoutout love and HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope you enjoyed it to the fullest!

  9. Happy birthday! No need to worry about getting old. You'll look back on these years and go "gee I looked so good!" which you do!
    Heidi xo