Saturday, November 6, 2010

A Fall Detox.

I always here loads of info about detoxing. For weight loss or health reasons, a lot of people go about it in the wrong way. I've read so many articles about how the body naturally detoxes itself. While this is true, in order for your body to really detox itself as much as possible, I feel like you need to really clean up your diet. If you feel sluggish and really bloated, as I feel often, its important to really tune into your body and give it what it needs to "repair itself." Unfortunately, your body doesn't want candy and cookies. I wish it did and I'm not saying you shouldn't enjoy yourself, but truth of the matter is, your body runs best on whole and clean foods. It also digests these foods far more easily. When you digest more easily, your body runs more efficiently, and this allows for much quicker weight loss.

Here are some REASONABLE ways to detoxing your body, that anyone can incorporate into their diet, without going nuts (and by the way make sure you are eating plenty of these, nuts are great source of omega 3's!)

1. Water with lemon: Preferably in the morning. It helps to not only detox your body and well, not to get gross, but it really helps to get your bowels moving, but it kick starts your metabolism.

2. Green juices: Try any combination. Aim to have at least one a day! I am obsessed with these right now. They make you feel so good.

3. Lots of fruits and vegetables. Lets face it. I think anyone of us can increase our fruit/veggie quota for the day. Its what our bodies want.

4. Nuts/Seeds. I've read numerous times over and over that a plant-based diet is what the body most easily digests.

If your interested in some reasonable detoxes or ways to overall improve your health. Check out this book, its an absolute favorite of mine and this woman is a GENIUS. I strongly recommend it. I have learned so much!

Here is a great diet by Self Magazine:

Do you ever detox?
If you do, what are your go to foods. What do you try to avoid?


  1. After a party where I have usually had one too many slices of pizza and one brownie too many, I wake up feeling gross and sluggish. I find a good sweat and green monsters help a ton. I usually have a green monster for breakfast and lunch, followed by some kind of salad at dinner. Back to good after that :)

  2. Such a great post, really informative!

  3. would you drink that lemon and water one before a workout, then workout followed by breakfast??

  4. I went to a lecture last spring at the Massachusetts Dietetics conference about the confusion surrounding "detox" diets. Basically a lot of what so called detox diets say to do is based off of general healthy eating like limiting added sugars and increasing your intake of fruits and veggies. After that I decided I hate the word "detox" LOL. I know there was also a lecture about it at FNCE this morning but I didn't go to that particular one.

  5. I agree that detoxes are crap and they actually make me really nervous when they involve no solid foods, crazy spice/herb concoctions, etc. I think, like you said, simply cleaning up eating habits makes such a huge difference and is all the detox needed. It just has to be a more lasting change and not for a few days like other detox plans.

  6. i agree that the proper way of detox your body is through whole-clean-fresh-real foods. when the body gets real healthy nutrients then it can move in the way it should....but when we dump loads of sugar in we feel down right terrible! I am really trying to clean up my diet even main downfall is sweets! I have a healthy diet but i have such a huge sweet tooth but I am working on it though!

    Do you have a recipe for your green juices or how do you make them?

  7. I'm not a huge believer in detoxes...mostly because I think our bodies are able to *naturally* detoxify! However, I'll admit that a big glass of ice water with lemon definitely makes me feel more "cleansed."

  8. In 2005, I did the Master Cleanse and it was silly. Yes I detoxed, but it was sooo not good for my body to pretty much be in starvation mode!

  9. Aww Lisa I have been MIA lately! I missss youuu girly! Awesome post! And it's so hard to make choices when money is involved and your time but do WHAT you WANT to do! Sometimes you need to take your own advise! Talk soon about guest post when we both have time?! xoxoxoxo <3

  10. Okay, buying that book asap. Seriously.. I just added it to my cart and I'm ordering it after I hit "post comment".

    I occasionally do detoxes but I have to be careful because a lot of my detoxes are fueled by ED. They DO make you feel better though! I also think that when done properly they can be extremely beneficial.