Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My fighting shape.

Halloweeeennn is right around the corner. Do I know what I want to be? No. Do I know what I want to look like, not only for Halloween, but for the rest of my life? Yeah, myself 2 years ago, when I was in the shape that I want to be at again. Don't ask me what I was that year, because it was somewhere between a Britney Spears photo that I liked and a pop star (I am not afraid to admit I love B Spears, regardless of all her "meltdown stage." I just happen to naturally be reaching for the garbage can in this photo, please dont ask. Ha.

Here I am last year, about 15 pounds heavier, which is just about where I am now.
I admit, you can't really tell the difference, but the 15 extra pounds are there and I am at the upper range for weight at my height.

For the last few years I always relied on celebrity shapes and body weights to motivate me. While many of them were healthy and obtainable:

Exhibit A: Britney at her PRIME.

Exhibit B: Lauren Conrad

I've realized that this constant comparison to others was in no means healthy. Sure, I think its important to have a motivation when working out. At least the bodies I looked up to were healthy. But, they drove me in the wrong way. Why couldn't I just accept myself and want to look like myself? Comparing put me in the mindset that I was never good enough, pushing me to work our harder and harder.

This time around I am choosing to get back to a time where I felt the best about myself. Its not a picture of a celebrity and its NOT Britney spears.

its Lisa.
Are there certain celebrity bodies you admire?
When your trying to lose weight, what do you use as your motivation?


  1. Let me just start by saying, YOU ARE GORGEOUS. No joke. You really are. And I totally agree that we need to try and be the best US we can be, not the best look a like of Britney, even if she is smokin ;) I used to have a book FILLED with magazine cutouts of models. Of all the girls I wanted to look like. But I cant look like them, iM NOT them. I can only be the best me

  2. i always wanted to look like britney spears! her body anyway. haha. not her shaved head phase in life either. :) andddd i totally agree with kat, you are freaking gorgeous! i think you look pretty in all the pics, but the last one is my fave and i'm glad that's what you want to look like - YOU! naturally gorgeous!

  3. I probably compare myself to every celebrity out there. Lauren Conrad is gorgeous! I try to remember how I looked when I was at my thinnest and use those for comparison. I feel that is a healthier way to go as well.

  4. Great pictures! I agree, so pretty! It's so hard to not compare yourself with celebrities and other women and I think it's great that you're using a pictures of yourself as inspiration. I started doing the same thing recently, and it's more fun to look at your own pictures than VS swimsuit models anyway :)

  5. I'm always comparing myself to beautiful celebrities. It's hard not to with all the crazy media. However, I've gotten much better with it in the recent years and have been more accepting towards who I am. Still a work in progress!

    You are gorgeous the way you are. :)

  6. Lisa you look fab! It's hard not to compare yourself to celebrities when they are always in your fac everyday. Remember to be yourself, love yourself and stay fab!

  7. It's really hard NOT to compare ourselves to celebrities. But I'm here to tell you that you look BEAUTIFUL in each and every one of those photos! So using your own photo as inspiration is a genius idea! :)

  8. wow! you do not need to do anything to change yourself! you look awesome. you already look like a celebrity to me!

  9. you already look amazing. Don't think you look anywhere NEAR a BMI of 25. I doubt you are :)

  10. You look amazing! Holy Moly!

    I love Brittany Spears and Hilary Duff and am totally not afraid to admit it.

  11. Omg, I totally used that same pic of Britney as my laptop background for motivation before my wedding! It's never good to compare your own body to a celebrity because you never know how much photoshopping is involved, but I think its fine to use celeb pics for motivation!

  12. Well, girl, you look fabulous both ways! But I understand how it feels to feel a few pounds over what your happy weight is. Earlier this year I as 109 and loved it! Now, err I'm not..and I way closer to 116 and I feel poofy.

    Celeb bodies: Blake Lively, Elena from Vampire Diaries, Kate Beckinsdale...etc