Sunday, October 3, 2010

Fall Favorites!

My Foods I cannot live WITHOUT this fall season!

1. Greek Yogurt

2. Healthy Donuts

3. Flavor extracts (A must for every bowl of oats!)

4. Chicken salads with apples!

5. BIG BOWL of oats

7. And of course, PUMPKIN
I give you my cabinet!

Just kidding, that is my local Stop & Shop. Ha!

8. G-free Peanut butter, banana, greek yogurt stuffed french toast (adopted from this  lovely girl!)

9. Low cal reeses!

What are your fall favorite foods?
What is your favorite way to use pumpkin?


  1. Love this list! Pumpkin, oatmeal, and Fage are definitely at the top of mine too. I really want to try making your healthy donuts! I did a twist on the cookie dough stuff the other day (I didn't freeze it, just put it in the fridge in a bowl) and it was great!

  2. Extracts are def a must to transform ANYTHING!! I mean you can just add a few drops to the chocolate you use for the reeses and have a thin mint! (well, kinda lol) And heck yes for healthy donuts!!

  3. Lol the pic of the cans of pumpkin made me laugh! I love your list, apples in chicken salad is awesome! I think fall - warm apple cider.

  4. My cabinet is slowly starting to look like that one pic with all the cans of pumpkin i've been buying lately, haha! I pick up a few every time I go to the store...gotta stock up while I can though!

    HOLY REESES!!! I am so trying that recipe. I can see how it can change one's life!! :D

  5. I was seriously convinced that the huge pile of pumpkin tins were in your cupboard...just for a split second!

  6. I think each of those things could be on a favorites thing list. With pumpkin at the top, but of course. ;)

  7. My fall favorites: fall squash, soups, hot coffee, apple crisp, and of course,
    I love anything with pumpkin! I went to the grocery store to get some today, and they were sold out...I wasn't happy! I will try again soon!

  8. holy goly! that's a lot of libby's at the market!!

  9. ok I clearly need to raid the USA foods store near me & get some Libby's pumpkin. We don't do canned pumpkin like you do in the US. And I'm seeing so many amazing pumpkin recipes!! I cant wait to try the loaf, thanks for the link! The french toast looks amazing too. "Fall" for you is "Autumn" for us (I think :P) and Autumn to me means lovely root vegetables and goats cheese/vegetable tarts mmmm
    Heidi xo