Thursday, October 7, 2010

A day in my life of EATING.

So, many bloggers talk about what they eat throughout the day. I feel like I would bore everyone with this info, but I am going to try it out anyway. It's actually kinda fun! Here is my first attempt at this.  Be warned though: THERE IS A LOT OF PUMPKIN and not enough VEGETABLES.

                         Greek yogurt with pumpkin, banana extract, and cinnamon

Chicken and apple salad with slivered almonds and almond cheese (SO GOOD) and 1/2 cut up sweet potatoes. I also had apple slices (not pictured)

Mini pumpkin loaf (so simple and low cal: got this HUGE thing down to ~250 calories, by using the most simple ingredients: g-free flour, pumpkin, egg white, 1 tsp honey, stevia, a lot of baking powder, and cinnamon). I admit, I eat about 2 of these a day on some days.

                                             Mint chocolate chip protein icecream
                             (1 banana, vanilla protein powder,  choco chips!)

Carrots and hummus

Pretty much, this is what I eat every day. When I get obsessed with foods (i.e. the pumpkin bread, I eat them till I am sick of it!

Do you usually eat the same things very day?
What foods do you always have in your diet?


  1. Yumm that protein ice cream sounds awesome! I have some variation on oats nearly every day for breakfast. And I need to try your pumpkin loaf!!

  2. Not enough veggies? Salad, sweet potato, and carrots - that's more than a lot of people have in a day!

  3. Looks like a delicious day of food!! I always have peanut butter in my day lol. Apples, bananas, and brocolli are in there always too :)

  4. I seriously have to try that pumpkin loaf of yours!

  5. All looks delicious. And I make pumpkin loafs similar to that. Love them! I too tend to eat the same things over and over until I'm sick of them as well. Which is a big reason why I don't share all my meals either.

  6. I have been obsessed with pumpkin, too seems that almost every meal incorporates it somehow!

    When I am liking a certain food, I will eat it all the time until I'm sick of it, too. If it ain't broke don't fix it, right?

  7. I have never used banana extract. I will have to get some! It would be great in some hot oats topped with banana slices and brown sugar! yummm

  8. i try to switch up my daily eats by using the same ingredients in different ways. see my apple post this week for an example :)

  9. I MUST make that pumpkin loaf! Woah! It looks and sounds amazing...and duh, it has to be cause it's got pumpkin in it ;) haha!

    Enjoy your day!

  10. If I let myself eat the same things every day then I do but lately I've been trying to change things up a bit. I would be pretty content to not switch things up but I love variety and I love cooking/baking so it just makes sense to do it.

    That pumpkin loaf looks ah-mazing. Like it wants to come live in my stomach.

  11. Hahah im the SAME!!! I go through major phases!! glad to know im not the only one :)