Sunday, October 10, 2010

Books and BUTTAAAA

So yesterday, I took a trip to Barnes and Noble. I admit I am one of those weirdo's who loves going there on a weekend and just reading a bunch of books on health and fitness. I bought 3 new ones, which I am VERY excited about. One about eating cleanly/healthilyy (Gillean McKeith-she does that BBC show "You are what you eat"), I bought Lauren Conrad's book "Style," (Yes, I do have a fashion sense, but I felt like there were really good tips, plus I really liked the cover haha. I thought it would look cool in my room on a shelf!) I also bought a book about juicing, which has hundreds of recipes!

Lately, I have been really getting into juicing and eating very cleanly, especially with my thyroid all messed up, as a way to repair it naturally (along with my medication). This morning, when I got up, I thought why not GIVE MYSELF A REASON TO JUICE. I am not embarrassed by this at all... Honestly, I think logically this really made sense.

I went into the cabinet and took out a gluten free cookie mix, which is made with brown rice flour and brown sugar (nothing else). Its very healthy and free of wheat, nuts, and soy! At 70 calories for 2 tbsp, this is not bad at all.

So what did I do? I took 6 tbsp of cookie dough mix (3 servings: I am not ashamed) and I added a tbsp of water and 1/2 serving low calorie butter. There are no raw eggs in this. The result?

A DELICIOUS (and I mean DELICIOUS) bowl of cookie dough with only 235 calories, which in my opinion is not BAD AT ALL and its a pretty good size! =)

Well, I'm off now with celery and carrots IN HAND, to the JUICERRR!


  1. Those 3 books look awesome!! I love LC, I think she is gorgeous and so classy. I bought a juicer a bit ago but havent really been able to find any good recipes. Maybe when you try them you can share ;)

  2. ahhh, yummy creation! Where did you buy that cookie mix? Sounds like a keeper to me!

    I bought a juicer about a year ago and used it all the time. But now, I don't even the remember the last time I have used it. I need to put it to good use! Let us know if you find any good recipes in the book!

  3. That is definitely not weird... I looove just sitting in Barnes & Noble and perusing books/magazines! Your cookie dough creation sounds soo tasty too :)

  4. I've never thought of making a bowl of cookie dough but I'm always scared of raw eggs.
    Did you know she's getting another show?! (LC) I used to be a big fan of the hills so hopefully her new show is just as good!!

  5. I'm one of those people who love going around the book stores too. I'll even take pictures of books to be able to remember them and see if the library has them. LOL

  6. I love book stores especially independent book stores that stock vintage books and old publications that have a history to them!

  7. That sounds amazing! 235 calories for such a tastey treat-you can never go wrong!

    PS: 50 miles in a week-not in a day. Holy Moly that would be crazy!

  8. i too love sitting at B and N with a big stack of books. i like to think of it as a sign of great intelligence!

  9. Cookie dough in a bowl is pretty hard to beat :) Looks super tasty!

    And you're totally not alone in your Barnes & Noble addiction--my husband and I spend almost every Friday evening at Barnes & Noble and the coffee shop!

  10. haha, love it. Great books! I too love to juice :) nothing like fresh pineapple and watermelon juice!
    Heidi xo

  11. So funny! I just ate like 3 servings of cookies today, and then juiced later. One word description of this type of eating? Balance. :)

  12. That video is amazing :D I'm so doing that from now on!
    And as far as the cookie dough, you remind me of myself yesterday when I was making vegan scones and the recipe said it would make 18 scones... Well, only 17 made their way into the oven :P
    I kept thinking, how awesome is it that there are no raw eggs :D
    I'm going to catch up on all your posts that I've missed! Byeeee