Sunday, September 12, 2010

Pumpkin Love!

(My breakfast: oats, pumpkin, cinnamon, almond milk, banana extract)
I love love love pumpkin. I think that is hands down, the BEST INVENTION on the planet. Its fall now so what does that mean (even though I have it all the time). Its OFFICIALLY pumpkin season (you can tell how excited I am by cap use). Not only is it DELICIOUS, but its so so so so healthy! Some of this jam packed superfood's benefits include: 1. High in fiber 2. High in beta carotene (great for skin, vision) 3. High in magnesium (great for muscles) 4. Alpha carotene (reverses skin damage) who doesn't want that?! 5. High in carotenoids (boost immunity) The best thing about pumpkin is that is is PACKED with antioxidants, which are so essential in any diet and its perfect for giving your skin a healthy glow and moisture. So next time you whip out a can and you have a bit left, don't waste it. PUT IT ON YOUR FACE! Here is a great recipe for a skin saving face mask:


  1. I've never tried it on my face, but I must agree that pumpkin is deeelicious!! I might have to go stock up on a few cans today actually :)

  2. a lady was just in the store today raving about banana extract. never tried but i am super curious now. huh?!

  3. I adore pumpkin! I need to give that mask a try :)