Wednesday, September 1, 2010

No Longer "Nuts" About it.

I recently found out that I have a lot of allergies to food. For a good amount of time I was bloated every time I ate. I would be uncomfortable and frustrated. I decided to have some blood tests done and it was found that I am allergic to wheat, dairy, tree nuts (all nuts except almonds), peanuts, and I have a slight allergy to soy. I am not going to lie its very hard to maneuver my diet around this. But its my health were talking about here. Through my own research, I learned that the foods you most often crave, which for me is pretty much all of the above, are the ones that you are most likely allergic too, which is quite interesting! The point of this post is to remind you again to listen to your body. My body can't handle those foods. When I eat them, my body feels the negative effects and lets me know by making me feel bloated and heavy. Try and focus on the foods that don't make you feel your best. My suggestion is to do an elimination diet, where you take out some of the main culprits, especially wheat and dairy and see how you feel! Let your body tell you!

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  1. Love your blog girl! Thanks for stopping by mine. Sorry to hear about your allergies. That can be extremely difficult. I work with alot of kids who are allergic to almost everything and it is really sad at times.