Monday, August 30, 2010

Sweet Sorbet! Oh, how I love you.

Like many of you out there, I have a huge sweet tooth. When a craving hits for me, its hard for me to get my mind off of it. I love icecream, but as someone who has an allergy to dairy, icecream is no longer an option. Desperate for something sweet that was healthy and nutritious, I came up with a sorbet recipe that is one of the most delicious and satisfying things when you are in desperate need to satisfy a sweet tooth! Lets talk a little bit first about sorbet. In small amounts (about ~1 cup) sorbet is a great treat to have, as it has about 180 calories. However, it barely has any fiber and is often packed with sugar, which personally leaves me craving more. Well, I am about to solve that problem for all you sorbet lovers out there who don't want to give it up. All you need is a food processor. I give you my fruity sorbet. And listen to this. This picture you see to your left, is only 1/2 of a serving. This huge glass has about 85 calories. The entire recipe which makes 2.5 cups has only 170 calories. Regular sorbet has about 400. You also get antioxidants, vitamins, and hydration which helps your skin. Plus, a LOT of fiber, which keeps you fuller longer. There's no junk or anything processed, which in my opinion makes me feel a lot better at the end of the day both physically and mentally. This smoothie has frozen peaches, strawberries, and pineapple (1 cup of each). You can use any fruits you want. The options are endless. All you have to do is: 1. Put the fruits in a food processor (or a blender) 2. Add about 2/3 cup water and any low-cal sweetener ( Iuse stevia) 3. Let it run for about 1 minute and VOILA! You can even experiment with cocoa powder/bananas/and greek yogurt to make a decadent chocolate mousse. Another favorite of mine is doing a raspberry sorbet and adding about 1 tbsp of chocolate chips to make "raspberry chocolate chip icecream." Enjoy!


  1. sounds delish! do you have an actual recipe?

  2. That's funny, I saw your link on the Tracy Anderson site, my site is called I just had a baby and I haven't blogged in a while, though. Yours is so cute, I think I'm motivated again. Good luck to you.