Sunday, August 29, 2010

Finding the best you...

Hello everyone! Thank you for visiting! As you can see, this blog is dedicated to finding the "best you." This can mean anything for any one of you. For me this is a journey about figuring out what works best for me. I am not by any means overweight, but I am not comfortable with where I am weight wise. I simply do not feel my best! Through my own journey I hope to get to a weight where I feel comfortable, one that is in a healthy range for my 5 ft. 5 frame and one that I can sustain. For me this is about 10-15 pounds. For others of you who choose to visit this blog, you may feel great weight wise, but want to incorporate fitness and healthy eating into your daily lives. Either way, good for you for recognizing its time for a change. I strongly believe that fitness and eating healthy are the keys to success in our lives. When you feel good about yourself, this attitude projects into all areas of your life. So please take this journey with me to finding the best you! Each day I will post recipes, fitness and nutrition advice. I would also love to hear from everyone else, so please feel free to comment below in any post. I look forward to sharing this journey with those who continue to follow and learn how to life a healthy lifestyle, one that is not only sustainable, but suitable for not anyone else, but yourself.


  1. I look forward to seeing your progress~ :)

  2. Love the blog girlie! :) Awesome to see your passions shine through! :) I look forward to staying connected in the 'blog world' ;)