Thursday, March 10, 2011

Im going vegan and raw people...

As you all know I have  been reading the Crazy Sexy Diet. Reading this book really opened my eyes to the benefits of a plant-based diet. I've really noticed that eating a lot of foods has not been good for my skin. I want to do this cleanse not just for weight loss, but to reset my body and heal it. Its more important right now for me to get rid of my constant sugar cravings, my bad skin, and feeling bloated all the time. Im striving here for outer and inner beauty!

For the next 10 days, I am setting up a challenge. I will go about 50% raw, 50% vegan. What does this mean? I will eat the following:

Raw fruits and vegetables
Vega protein shakes (65% raw)
Max 1.5 cups cooked grains a day (quinoa, oat bran, brown rice)
Max 1/4 cup almond butter a day
Beans and legumes-1/2-3/4 cup a day
Green juices
Raw protein bars
An occasional piece of fish (easier to digest)

I will post my daily meals as much as I can so everyone can see how this goes. I would love if anyone wanted to do this with me--its a great way to reset cravings and help your body repair itself!                                                                                                           


  1. wow good luck girl!! I think if I lived alone it would be easier to do this, but my hubby keeps such yummy things in the house its hard to set my mind of ignoring them completely :)

  2. Cannot wait to read about this! So awesome!

  3. This is perfect timing! I've decided that I'll be starting the CSD tomorrow too. :) I'm not sure how long I'll do it for but I'm hoping at least a week.

  4. good luck! can't wait to see your meals. :) once im back from spring break, i may join ya!

  5. Good luck! I hope it goes well for you! I cannot wait to see your progress.