Monday, November 15, 2010

Workout of the month!

I am obsessed with home workout DVDs. I have dozens and dozens. Its honestly such a great way to keep you  motivated. I'm the kind of person who needs workouts that are challenging and fun. The more options I have and the more times I can switch up my workouts, the easier it is for me to stick with a fitness program. There's only so many times running on a treadmill is exciting.

This month, my obsession is the Tone It Up girls DVD, "One Day Fat Blast." This duo has swept YouTube, which is where I first found them about a year and a half ago. They are in phenomenal shape and theirworkout DVD, pretty much tells you why.

The DVD comes with two workouts, and while each really TONES IT UP, one is focused more on cardio/interval training, the other on toning your abs and butt. I mean, come on, who doesn't want that?

I did this workout again this morning following a 30 min interval run on my treadmill. It was so tough, but by the end I was dripping with sweat.

If you really want a challenge I recommend purchasing this dvd now:

You can check out these lovely ladies on YouTube at

What are your favorite workout dvds?
What is your favorite form of exercise?


  1. I liked the 30 day shred, although I never finished it due to life getting in the way!
    Also I know it sounds weird, but I like Denise Austin, she's down to earth and nice!

  2. cool I've done DVDs.. but never really got into them. Maybe I just havent tried the right one!

  3. I LOVE workoout dvds. Anything by Jillian and Bob from the Biggest Loser are perfect for me. I love the intensity they bring! Those dvds are seriously no joke. Yours look like they would be tough but lots of fun too!!

  4. i think my favorite type of exercise is walking.....its just really relaxing...but walking is usually done as extra exercise aside from my morning workout.

    I have Julian Michael's workout dvd but its just hard for me to get into the dvds. I guess I am just soooo used to going to my gym and using the machines. lol!


  5. I own a few dance home workout DVDs, but they are collecting dust so I am sure that tells you how much I use em lol! Does shopping count as a form of exercise? Haha :-)

  6. Oh! I've heard of them but I had no idea they had a dvd out! Definitely going to be ordering that asap. I have so many workout dvds but my favorites are the three by Jackie Warner and the strength one by Bob Harper. There are a few others too but those are the ones I do the most.

  7. I don't have that many home work out dvds :( But my favorite is p90x! Sometimes I just do parts of it (because those DVD's are intense and some are like an hour and a half!) But I like to put Tony on mute and blast my own music while I follow along with the workout :) It makes it go by faster for me!